Leading Engagements at the Highest Levels in the Tech Sector

Jim Kelly, M.S., PCC

Jim coaches clients at the C-suite, executive and senior leadership levels to become conscious, high-impact leaders.

As a global leader himself, Jim decided to become a coach in 2006 after a successful career as a corporate executive. His experience includes being CEO of a $130 million distribution service business; starting a retail chain and growing it to 40 locations. He was instrumental in lobbying his U.S. Senator (the Majority Leader at the time) to co-sponsor a bill which was passed and funded.

Throughout his career, as he mentored fellow executives, young colleagues, and friends, Jim came to realize his greatest satisfaction came from helping others find success. He has worked directly with clients and been hired by global companies to coach their executives.
Using video conference technology, he has worked with clients in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the Americas. He has also coached leaders at the world’s largest technology company.

Fit Body, Fit Mind

Jim has completed more than 85 races of 26.2 miles or longer, including the Umstead 100 Mile Endurance Run.