Even on TV – It’s “Be Real”

In the July 2009 issue of Golf magazine, Alan Bastable profiles Nick Faldo and his second profession – golf commentator. Faldo exudes one strong element of leadership when he comments on TV golf, he’s believable. He abides by one guiding principle while talking – “speak the truth. Because if you know it’s bullshit (ABC Golf host Mike) Tirico once advised him, your viewers will know it’s bullshit.”

Same is always true for leaders, the only people in your organization who can be fooled are those who want to be fooled, and even they will lose some trust in you. It’s always better to say “I can’t answer that question” than to give a bull**** answer. If the staff can’t trust the leader, they will not commit to working for him/her. They will not be engaged in their work. Unfortunately, as long as they stay with the company they will not be not happy and not produce near to what they could be, were they lead by a Real Leader!

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